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This online course gives you all the knowledge you need on your natural hair care journey, we provide you with Essential segments of knowledge for life, this course can be taken if you have a passion in selfceare or simply want to learn more about how to manage your hair or your daughter and sons or siblings hair.  if you are a hairdresser that needs a refresh with new found knowledge or you would like to become a hairdresser this is the course for you. the course covers

- Science behind hair
- Factors that affect hair growth
- Importance of moisture and identifying breakage
- Identifying your hair type and texture & product knowledge
- Effective hair care routine
- Effective styling with or without heat

Effective Styling With or Without Heat | Ebony B 

Effective style hair with and without is about the essential ways on how to style hair to better suit you and your lifestyle. It covers how to prep our hair for heat styling, how heat effects our hair the science behind heat damage and things to take into consideration when styling, with the  benefits of protective styling and how to maximise hair growth.

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Effective Hair Care Routine (Cover).PNG
Effective Hair Care Routine | Ebony B

Effective hair care routine gives you the knowledge on how to make a simple effective hair care routine to maximise you hair goals. it covers




Moisture methods

Best treatments and how to choose them

the routine needed, to help you manage your hair better daily.

Identifying your Hair Type/Texture & Product Knowledge

Identifying your hair type/texture & product knowledge talk about hair categories, why they were created and how to identify them. Looking into identifying product ingredients the good and the bad, penetrating & sealing oils, and how to choose products that are right for you.

Identifying your Hair Type:Texture & Product Knowledge (Cover).PNG
Importance of Moisture & Identifying Breakage (Cover).PNG
Importance of Moisture & Identifying Breakage | Ebony B

The importance of moisture and breakage covers ”why moisturising” is so important, how it is done effectively, and the best methods for you to use. we talk porosity, identifying what our hair needs from protein to moisture differences.

Factors That Affect Hair Growth | Ebony B

Factors that affect hair growth look into life changes, self inflicted factors that effect our hair growth and ways we can improve our hair  through lifestyle changes, the vitamins, supplements and foods that support us

Factors That Affect Hair Growth (Cover).PNG
Science Behind Hair | Ebony B

The core science behind our hair is how our hair grows in the natural cycle of our hair.

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